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Dorothea Gordon


Dorothea L Gordon holds a master’s degree in education and taught foreign languages in high schools. Now retired, she has turned to writing but continues to give presentations and workshops on how to improve one’s physical and spiritual life. Her memoir ‘When Life Has Other Plans…Discover the Hidden Gifts’ was published in 2020 and tells the true story of her slow spiritual awakening. Her new novel ‘Daring Decisions’, published in 2023, is contemporary women’s fiction with a paranormal twist. It takes place mostly in Victoria and on Vancouver Island.
Now she resides with her husband on Baynes Sound in the Comox Valley where the cries of the eagles, the barking of the sea lions, and walks in the nearby rainforest provide endless inspiration.



Daring Decisions (Romance, Spirituality/Religion)

When Life Has Other Plans…Discover the Hidden Gifts

This is the true story of Dorothea’s slow spiritual awakening. Her many life challenges introduced her to the paranormal field where she learned about the secrets of the Invisible World and how to communicate with the helpful spirits there. She discovered her gift for using energy balancing to heal people and animals.


Dorothea is based in Fanny Bay.


DARING DECISIONS At fifty-seven, Lotti Seidel is a successful court-qualified handwriting expert. Her career is everything she dreamed of but her love life is in shambles. Craving intimacy she gets involved with unsuitable men and all of her relationships go down in flames. She’s in denial that she still loves her ex-husband, Joe, whom she divorced when she found out he had been cheating on her with other men. During the following years she discovers that she has paranormal abilities. Joe LeBoutillier is a former physician in the Canadian military. After his divorce from Lotti, he enters into a relationship with a gay man. He never stops loving his ex-wife and wishes there was a way for the three of them to be together. Family events force Lotti to meet Joe again and their feelings for each other become impossible to ignore. Lotti and Joe are still deeply connected, and his husband, Michel, is more than willing to share. When Joe almost dies in an accident, Lotti finally admits just how much she still loves him. Now she must choose between the conventional life she always thought she wanted and a polyamorous relationship that has the potential to break her heart—or heal it.


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