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M. Frederick Harding


M. Frederick Harding began writing at a young age but only began publishing his work in 2011.

Born and raised in rural Ontario, he spent much of his youth crafting stories and reading them allowed his beagle Spud. Passion for writing was flavoured by his favourite authors, J.R.R. Tolkien, Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to name a few. That, coupled with a passion for ancient history, people, and the associated archeology, he began to craft realistic mysteries set deep in ancient times.

Much of his current work consists of long hours researching the world people lived in back then. He developed a vast knowledge and used it to create a world that feels exotic to us but is perfectly normal modern world to his vibrant, well rounded characters. The result are books that transport the reader to a time where they can experience life in round thatched cottages, smell the salt air and the fish drying racks, and almost taste the food.

M. Frederick Harding currently lives nestled in the mountains of Vancouver Island with his wife, Barbara and their polydactyl calico cat, Dolly.



REDEMPTION (Historical Fiction

The Fallen Realms
War with Rome has come to Celtic Mediolanum.

The Choice
Aranthal, a 4th century BC Celtic General, turns aside from the appointed quest to secure Spartan military aid against Rome. He rescues a grubby young sneak thief from the clutches of Spartan justice. In doing so, he makes an innocent albeit, cataclysmic mistake setting in motion a series of events that will shake the very fabric of the classical Greek world.

A Dangerous Realm
His naivety upsets the status quo and captures the attention of a powerful and ruthless tyrant known only as The Hooded Man. His shadowy organization turns its full attention towards the destruction of General Aranthal and Constantina, his young Roman companion.

The Price
While his feelings for her grow, keeping them both alive long enough to unlock this mystery might prove difficult since his beautiful Roman lover might also be…his deadliest foe.

Chester and the Hummingbird Fair
Chester and the Hummingbird Fair is a heartwarming children’s story of perseverance and overcoming adversity.

Chester is a sad and lonely white raccoon. None of the other raccoons will have anything to do with him because he is white. One day he meets Rufus, a hummingbird, and a man named Frederick.

They invite him to a whimsical event called the Hummingbird Fair; a curious and uplifting event occurs at the fair that changes Chester’s life for ever.


Michael is based in Errington BC.


Western Europe AD 849 35 years have passed since the death of Emperor Charlemaigne. Cursed Padrig Creel toils in misery as a gravedigger. Once a trained inquisitors in his own right, he was given a final chance at redemption. A Perilous Task The bishop sends him to the isolated village of Sant Nazer to investigate the murder of an ecclesiastical notary. He brings with him logic, the law, and empathy honed to a keen egde with rye humour and a relentless determination. The Price of Failure With a glass of eyewitnesses, conflicting clues, and his own life firmly on the line, he has just seven days to complete his task. Will he be able to redeem himself in the eyes of the church, or the next grave he dig his own?


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