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W. L. Hawkin


Author headshotW. L. Hawkin writes the kind of books she loves to read from her home in the Pacific Northwest. Because she’s a genre-blender, you might find crime, mystery, romance, suspense, fantasy, adventure, and even time travel, interwoven into her stories.

If you like “myth, magic, and mayhem” her Hollystone Mysteries feature a coven of West Coast witches who solve murders using ritual magic and a little help from the gods. The books—To Charm a Killer, To Sleep with Stones, To Render a Raven, and To Kill a King—follow Estrada, a free-spirited, bisexual magician and coven high priest as he endeavors to save his family and friends while sorting through his own personal issues. Book Five, To Dance with Destiny, is expected in late 2023.

Her latest release, Lure: Jesse & Hawk, was a recipient of a Crowned Heart Award from InD’Tale Magazine and a finalist in The 2022 Wishing Shelf UK Book Awards. Lure is small-town romantic suspense story set in the American Midwest in the fictional town of Lure River.

If you don’t find Wendy at Blue Haven Press, she’s out wandering the woods or beaches of Vancouver Island with her beautiful yellow dog.



To Charm a Killer: a Hollystone Mystery (Fantasy

1) LURE: JESSE & Hawk
Reluctant lovers scarred by guilt—
A feisty heroine mourning a loss and a grieving hero hiding from himself.
The fragile bones of a missing Indigenous girl,
A corrupt cowboy sheriff and a pair of no-good locals.
Lost on the Chippewa reservation—
Wolves. Cougars. Bears.
Injured. Stalked. Abducted.
How will their love survive?
Can Hawk save Jesse’s life with his Native American ways?
Or will she save his soul?
Sorcha just wanted to warn RuairĂ­ of his fate until she saw him and fell in love. How could she leave him to be ritually murdered and cast in a bog to cure for two thousand years?Though he’s lost and grieving the loss of his lover, when Estrada realizes his fiery friend, Sorcha O’Hallorhan, is trapped in Iron Age Ireland, he demands that Cernunnos take him and Dylan back through time to rescue her. The Horned God obliges but states the rules: you cannot change history or develop bonds with anyone. How can Sorcha, the spirited archaeologist, survive this prehistoric warrior culture? Assuming she’s fey, RuairĂ­’s unscrupulous rival wants her power; but worse still, RuairĂ­’s lover, the wicked Crow Queen, wants her dead.Can Estrada use his Wiccan powers and magician’s skills to defeat these Iron Age Druids and bring his friends home without changing history? Find out what it takes to Kill a King.


Wendy is based in Campbell River.


When a third witch vanishes from Vancouver, the witches of Hollystone Coven spin a charm to catch the killer. But spells spin ripples and in the ensuing chaos, an innocent girl gets caught up in the charm. As obsessed with the killer as the killer is with him, their high priest, Estrada, vows to find the man and stop him–a quest that takes him to Ireland and beyond. A Wicca coven. A terrifying prophecy. A seventeen-year-old girl and a serial killer hunting witches. Can Estrada stop him or is he too caught up in the charm? W.L. Hawkin weaves threads of Macbeth, ancient Irish myth, and edgy love into this mysterious urban fantasy. LGBTQ+


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