Saturday, October 14, 2023 - 10am-4pm at Florence Filberg Centre in Downtown Courtenay

JP McLean


Author headshotJP (Jo-Anne) McLean is a bestselling author of urban fantasy and supernatural thrillers. She is a Global Book Award winner, a two-time Gold Literary Titan recipient, a CIBA and Page Turner Award finalist, and has received honours from the Eric Hoffer Book Awards, the Wishing Shelf Book Awards, the NIEA Awards, and the Whistler independent Book Awards. She lives on Canada’s West Coast.



Ghost Mark (A Dark Dreams Novel) (Fantasy)

Secret Sky, Book 1 of the Gift Legacy
Everybody wishes they could fly—until it happens.
For Emelynn Taylor, the laws of gravity are more like suggestions. And gravity doesn’t play nice. It abandons her without warning and sends her airborne, unchecked. Terrified, she vows to tame it. She returns to the seaside home where it began. There, she discovers a dangerous underworld. One that knows her secret and has been awaiting her return.

Blood Mark, A Dark Dreams Novel
What if your lifelong curse is the only thing keeping you alive?
Jane Walker survives the back alleys of Vancouver, marked by a chain of blood-red birthmarks that snake around her body. During her tortured nights, she is gripped by agonizing nightmares when she sees into the past. It isn’t until, one-by-one, the marks begin to disappear that she learns the deadly truth: She’s being stalked by a killer, and her marks are the only things keeping her alive.


JP is based in Denman Island.


Jane’s nightmares are back—and this time, they’ve unleashed a brutal killer. A young woman who changed history when she fell into one of her dreams of the past, is plagued with remorse for the lives she ruined. When she finally finds the one man whose life might have been changed for the better, she learns he’s become a seasoned killer and a major player in a drug gang. And worse, he’s targeting the man Jane loves. Can she fix her grievous error, or will changing history again cause more lives to be ruined, including her own? Before she learns the answer, she’s pulled into another dream that exposes a deadly twist—and this dream won’t let her go.


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