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Elly Mossman


Author headshotAuthor of children’s books – all ages, and adults. Awards winning cartoonist, fine artist and illustrator, as well as author. Has illustrated for other children’s authors.



The Cat is Bonkers-Adventure 1-Home is Not a Cardboard Box (Children’s)

Kid’s book series (Books 1-11) “Grampa Was an Alien” … Synopsis of the series: Young Ethan was an orphan with an active imagination. Who actually raised him after he left the orphanage and where, is a mystery. Grampa says it was somewhere far away and his parents were … well … just a little different! They were aliens! Now he regales his grandchildren of how he grew up on Gizmok by his floog parents, Xerix and Qantuu, along with a few subtle lessons on how to get along in life. Lewis and Milly believe. How much you believe is up to you!

The Baker From Krabbendam – a biography. Adult reading. Synopsis: His life spanned half the globe. From the tiny, low-lying country of the Netherlands, Johannes took his family across the ocean, looking for a land of better possibilities for a young family man wanting bigger things.
He was almost dead before he had the chance to live. He was talented, but his creativity was quashed by a stepmother who ruthlessly tried to erase his mother’s memories. He wanted to become an artist, but he became a pastry chef when it was time to choose a career, because in his world, it was the only profession where he could exercise the urge to be creative.
After a devastating war that left his country in ruins, he bundled up his family and moved to Canada, but discovered that struggles were his lot, no matter which country he took himself to. Funny, ambitious, creative, and flawed, Johannes struggled to find his footing through the turbulent relationships with his wife and children, and did his best with the norms and tastes of a new world.

Wait .. WHAT? Hilarious memoirs in short story form. Adult reading. Synopsis: What happens when an unsuspecting woman marries a mayhem-prone man? Find out and laugh your socks off ! From a job well outside the comfort zone, through a not-quite-normally functioning household – both on land and on sea – to vacations that meet almost all of the expectations they never wanted, “Mossman’s Law” dogs their footsteps. Happily or unhappily, life is always a surprise! Being a realist, the only thing to do is shrug it off and chuckle.
She knows who to blame.
Sprinkled liberally with cartoons.

The Ballad of Blue Eagle Bill – children’s epic poem. Synopsis: All Captain Bill want to do is catch that big fish, the giant Chinook salmon. But in his quest he runs into all kinds of trouble. He tries everything, and when he finally does the results are not quite what he expected.

Nmp-Chks & Numskuls – graphic novel. One of Grampa’s memories, this story is referred to on a continuing basis in the first two books of the “Grampa Was an Alien” series. Synopsis: Cappy just wants to go fishing, but a little bit of bad luck in the steering department sends him into the most bizarre world he’s ever seen. Only his deckhand, Fish seems to know a little bit about these strange beings he calls “Nimpchuks”.
Cappy is in for the fishing trip of his life, and he does everything but catch fish! He meets a king, gets accused of breaking the law, escapes a cannery prison, starts a revolution, saves a whole lotta fish from a fate worse than … well, death itself, and a whole lot more!


Elly is based in Duncan.


Two kittens are abandoned on a mountain road somewhere in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. After meeting friends and danger alike out in the wilds, they are brought to a shelter where they meet all kinds of rescued animals. One of them found their forever home, the other did not … until finally, she did! This is the story of the kitten left behind. Her adventures continued after she left the shelter …and the rest, as they say, is history!


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