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Qualia Reed


Author headshotQualia Reed loves Sci-fi. It gives us glimpses into the future we wish to see, and for queer people, that glimpse can be a world where we are accepted and loved for who we are, not feared and hated. Qualia writes novels, short stories, and poetry while working as a Registered Nurse in the Pacific Northwest, where they live with their spouse and child.



Electron Spin (Science Fiction)

The Shadows Of Athelon
From the mind of author Qualia Reed comes the complete collection of the science fiction series The Shadows of Athelon. This is the story of a former assassin and royal bodyguard, Esmerelda-09B. After her world is destroyed in the war with the Human Galactic Empire, Esmerelda sets out on a quest to locate the mythical Caliopa Door, the one thing that might reunite her with Kai-Althea, the love of her life, and the princess of Athelon, who died with their world. To reunite with her beloved, Esmerelda must travel across the universe, taking her thousands of years into the future and forcing her to take a leap into the unknown.


Qualia is based in Nanaimo.


At the end of the Great Galactic War, the Sacred Order of the Renascence announced the creation of a technology that can bring every human that’s ever lived back to life. Armed with this new tech, the Human Galactic Empire has begun to populate the galaxy, pushing out all alien life, eliminating their presences from the empire. After half a million years of life, Esme hardly recognizes herself. Gone is Esmerelda-09B, the cold, android assassin that she’d been long ago on her home world. Now she travels the galaxy with her chosen family, writing wrongs and singing songs as the rock band, and part-time mercenary group, Electron Spin. Though she continues to be haunted by the ghosts of her past, she has found a new peace in the love and friendship of her new family. Jake is a Two, a reincarnated human from Vancouver, Canada in Earth’s 21st century. He’s spent the first two years of his new life working as a janitor for the church on the planet Tuluul. When he stumbles across a group of mercenaries trying to steal indigenous art back from a greedy collector, Jake begs the mysterious android named Esmerelda to let him join their group. She agrees, but there is a catch. If he wants to join the crew, he also has to join the band.


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