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Nicole Silver


Author headshotNICOLE SILVER LIVES like a hermit on the edge of the woods, but haunts used bookstores like a wraith. She fully expected to be found someday as a mummified old corpse crushed under a toppled to-be-read pile, but the rise of e-books has made that somewhat less likely, though the books will always outnumber even the dustbunnies. Nic has been writing since she could make letters with a pencil, and made a living for more than ten years as a freelance writer of non-fiction about videogames, writing, and books. She has gone back to school too many times, studying archaeology, folklore, writing and visual art. Nic will read just about anything, including the instructions on the back of medicine bottles, but has a particular fondness for good stories with a hint of magic. She writes dark, sexy urban fantasy, and also does printmaking, book arts, and other visual arts.



A Vision of Air (Fantasy

Fictive Kin Series
Book One:
Daughter of Foxes

She’s one of those things that goes bump in the night; if only she knew what kind of thing that was…

When Su met Evgeny, he was a newborn vampire fleeing a mad scientist maker, and she was something not entirely human with no memory of her past.

They’re happy spending their days trying to figure out where each of them came from, and how they best fit together in bed, when Evgeny vanishes, stolen by a vampire cabal that wants to use his rare ability to metabolize witch blood to make themselves invincible.

Rescuing her new lover from a secret research facility seems to be an impossible task, but Su might just be an impossible creature, and if she fails, Evgeny’s best case scenario is to become a mindless blood filter.

The worst case scenario is unthinkable…

Book Two:
Born of Ghosts

They’re trying to stop an abomination, but the solution might be worse than the problem…

After saving half the other community from a vampire cabal that wanted to experiment on them, Su and Evgeny really deserve their happily ever after.

Unfortunately, some of the very people they rescued—a group of witches that includes Su’s ex-lover—see Evgeny as an abomination for his mix of witch and vampire heritage. They unleash an ancient evil on him, intending to use it as a weapon against him. Instead, the evil gains sentience and becomes a sort of demon, and it has its own motive: to take over Evgeny’s body by taking over his mind.

Su will have to convince her ex-lover to help her new lover, but it could mean that Su will lose her own freedom in trying to save Evgeny’s, because to be strong enough to face the demon, she’ll have to join her power to Alex’s.

And the process may be irreversible…

Book Three:
Heir of Witches

What if the secret to her best friend’s happiness is the source of her own worst fear?

Su made the ultimate sacrifice to save her lover from a fate worse than death: she allowed her witch friend Alex to bind her fox-self as a familiar, tying their powers together, with Alex holding the leash.

Alex is willing to reverse the binding, but she doesn’t know how, and neither do the other witches she knows, so they’ll have to travel overseas in search of the one person who might have the answer: the legendary, and possibly entirely mythical, Witch of the Hexenwald.

But Alex has her own motive in seeking the witch, who just happens to be her ancestor: she wants to learn, to become the strongest witch she can be. But doing so could put her firmly on the side of keeping Su bound.

Because foxes make excellent witches’ familiars, and hexenfuchs like Su make the best familiars of all…

Book Four:
Brother of Demons

The voice in Evgeny’s head should have been silenced, but it’s not. Instead, it’s getting stronger…

A demon born of the slaughter of innocents lies imprisoned inside Evgeny’s mind. It’s supposed to be quiet, dissolved back into the ghost-memories of which it was made, but lately those ghosts are stirring, causing nightmares. And worse, the demon is reconstructing itself.

The year-round carnival on Wonder Island seems an unlikely source of help, but it hides a community of non-humans and magical beings, some stranger—and more dangerous—than Evgeny or his demon.

The island also hides a building far older than it should be, a building that houses secrets known to only a few. A building that can contain Evgeny safely while he battles the demon in his head.

If he can’t subdue the evil presence by absorbing the horrors it’s made of, Evgeny will lose more than his mind; he’ll also lose his body and everyone he cares for.

And even if he can defeat the demon, he will not emerge unscathed…

Book Five:
Son of Wolves

Her family was murdered. His has disowned him. Can they make a new life together?

Su’s vampire lover survived having a demon trapped in his head, at the expense of their relationship. Now she’s left to continue investigating her parents’ murder—and her little sister’s disappearance—without his help.

Fortunately, Su’s sexy werewolf neighbor is there to fill in. But Magne has his own problems. His witchy girlfriend has dumped him, and his family is ready to cut him loose, too, unless he starts doing what they want. But that would mean betraying everything he believes is good and right.

Can one fox shifter who still hasn’t regained her memories, and one werewolf who has memories he’d rather forget, join forces to find Su’s sister and create a new life for all of them?


Nicole is based in Duncan.


A sinister magical plot could destroy order in the Nine Monarchies. Foiling that plot could destroy something even more precious. The only seer born to the bird folk in seven generations, Fionn has spent his entire life in an impenetrable, remote abbey, learning to control his visions and to heal the sick. He has never met his parents, has never even seen another of his people, and has never known anything beyond the strict order within the abbey walls. When Kiernan, the half-human son of the forest fae, is sent on a secret mission to the abbey, he finds himself trapped within the walls. He is blinded, weakened, and stripped of his magic—and forced to rely on seer-healer Fionn for everything. To the forest fae, the bird folk are lesser beings, thought to be barbaric and barely civilized. But Kier doesn’t know Fionn is one of them, and he finds himself attracted the gentle young man he can’t even see. When Kier overhears a plot that threatens both his life and Fionn’s he has to choose: save the young man he is coming to care about, or carry out the vital mission he was sent for, even if it means losing Fionn.


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